Broadband Speeds

With SCC Broadband, customers are offered a wide choice of broadband products, delivered over several technical platforms.

The Broadband technical platforms we supply service on are:

Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

Fibre to the Home (FTTH) is the fastest type of fibre broadband connection SCC Broadband offers. FTTH service brings the fibre cables directly from our network into your premises.

The FTTH products we offer are:

NBI Fibre Broadband
Residential NBI Fiber Home
Residential NBI Fiber Turbo
Residential NBI Fiber Extreme
Business NBI Fiber Small Office
Business NBI Fiber Office
Business NBI Fiber Enterprise
Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless is a broadband service delivered to your premises following the installation of a small radio antenna high up on the outside of your premises.

The maximum speeds customers experience on this Wireless network is 40Mbps.

Customers may also experience some contention, communicating with the Master antenna on the link between the base station and the radio antenna on their premises which will slow their Internet speeds.

The Fixed Wireless products we offer are:

Residential 4Mbps Holiday Home
Residential 6Mbps
Residential 10Mbps
Residential 15Mbps
Residential 20Mbps
Residential 40Mbps
Residential Air Mini
Residential Air Light
Residential Air Heavy
Residential Air Turbo
Business 8Mbps
Business 10Mbps
Business 15Mbps
Business 20Mbps
Business 40Mbps
Business Air Light
Business Air Heavy
Business Air Turbo
General Information on Broadband Speeds.

At point of sale we’ll provide you with an estimate of the maximum download speeds your chosen broadband service will deliver.

Due to many factors the Maximum Download Speed provided at point of sale may not always be available, however the speeds you could expect to receive most of the time when accessing the service (Normally Available) are set out in the table below.

They are based on a percentage of the Maximum Download Speed we’ve quoted for the Broadband Service you have chosen. These speeds are also based upon a direct cabled connection from your device to your router on an idle connection (ie. not over WiFi).

FTTH Products
Download and Upload
Normally Available80%
Fixed Wireless Products
Download and Upload
Normally Available75%

The information we provide regarding your broadband speeds is in some instances provided to SCC Broadband by our wholesale network providers. From time to time, details provided by our wholesale providers will vary.

If you experience any continuous or regularly recurring discrepancy between the actual speed seen on your broadband connection and the performance percentages suggested above, please contact the SCC Broadband Technical Support Team.