Other Services

We can provide a number of different services including inter-network VPNs, Public IPs and also virtual servers.

Public IP

We can provide you with a dedicated Public IP for your connection

€10.00 /mth

VPN Services

We can provide you with a secure private VPN between a variety of locations inside the SCC Broadband Network (for example business to business, residential to business, etc). Each setup is custom built according to specific requirements.

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Virtual Servers

We can provide you with a private virtual server which is not connected to the internet and is accessible only by your connection for off-site storage of data or any purpose you see fit. Please enquire for more details and we will discuss your specific requirements.

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Rental Home Broadband

Do you own one or more rental homes? If you wish to offer hassle free broadband to your customers, we have a number of comprehensive solutions available.

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All prices quoted exclude VAT at 23%.